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Classical Ballet
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Suitable for absolute beginners with little to no experience.


Our Intro to Ballet programme is designed for adults with no prior background in ballet. The lesson starts with a brief introduction to ballet and its benefits, followed by warm-up and basic barre exercises to focus on alignment and technique. The lesson then moves on to centre work, including simple turns, jumps, and balances. Throughout the lesson, the instructor emphasizes proper alignment, engages students through clear explanations and encouragement, and allows them to progress at their own pace.

Recommendation for all newcomers: We encourage you to commit to a minimum of 8 classes (best attended once to twice a week) across consecutive weeks. 

Adult Ballet Beginners Singapore


Suitable for those with 0-1 year of experience.


Our Introductory Ballet Programme for adults offers a comprehensive ground-up introduction to ballet to build a foundation in ballet knowledge, body alignment and confidence. While catered to students who are absolute beginners to ballet, the programme also welcomes students who would like a refresher of ballet basics.

Recommendation for all newcomers: We encourage you to commit to a minimum of 8 classes (best attended once to twice a week) across consecutive weeks. 

Adult Ballet Advanced Open Class Singapore


Suitable for those with minimally more than 1 year of experience.


Our Intermediate Level caters to learners who have a strong foundational grasp of ballet. Focusing on building strength, retention and diversifying existing ballet vocabulary, the programme offers a safe space for adults to explore ballet while keeping fit.


Our popular Intermediate classes offer adult students a well-paced lesson progression, and inspires students to gradually work their way up to our Advanced Open Classes.

Adult Ballet Intermediate Singapore


These advanced ballet classes offer a safe space for dancers with more than 2 years of experience - to refine their ballet technique and explore a more technically demanding open class format.

Freelance performers, dance artists, dance educators and all dance enthusiasts are welcome to join these Open Classes where movement vocabulary and dynamics are more complex to build stamina, maintain technique and develop versatility.

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Designed for individuals with little to no experience.


Experience a ground-up introduction to the foundations of Contemporary Dance technique. Expect a well-paced and structured learning approach, in an environment that encourages the freedom to explore movement and transitions. 

Ms Elaine will take students through floor work, center work and travelling set exercises, to help build strength, grounded-ness and movement quality, before eventually moving to a short choreography. 

Adult Ballet Beginners Singapore


Designed for individuals with prior experience in Contemporary Dance (recommended minimum 1 year experience).

In this class, students will dive deeper into Contemporary Dance technique and focus on building strength, dynamism and form. Learners can expect to grow and hone their artistry, technical command and movement quality through set exercises and choreography.

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Please ensure to reserve your classes at least 7 hours before class begins. If a class has lesser than 2 sign-ups within 6 hours of its scheduled start time, it will be automatically cancelled, and class credit will be refunded to the students.

Thank you.

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