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Pre-Professional Programme

Our Pre-Professional Programme is taught by our Founder & Artistic Director

Qi Huan tailored specifically for students with outstanding potential to pursue dance at a professional level. With years of experience as professional dancers, our teachers' expertise lends itself to expert competition and performance coaching. This training programme offers well-supported and holistic training inclusive of repertoire, pointe work, pas de deux, and contemporary technique. 

Unlocking Excellence at Every Turn

Featuring Pre-Professional Level III Students Janelle Chua & Lim Ern Qi, Asian Grand Prix 2022 Grand Finalists

Age Guidelines

We offer four levels in the programme based on age*:
Pre-Professional Junior - Ages 6 - 8

Pre-Professional I – Ages 8 to 10
Pre-Professional II – Ages 11 to 13
Pre-Professional III – Ages 14 & above

*This serves as a guideline for entry into the programme. Students will be assessed and placed based on each individual's calibre. 

Programme Outline

Ballet technique classes run twice a week and students will attend a weekly Strength & Conditioning (S&C) session to supplement and strengthen their bodies, both to prevent injuries and improve overall performance in class and on stage. Contemporary classes are a crucial part of the Programme, to ensure comprehensive exposure to mastering movement control and quality - both of which are essential to a young dancer's training journey. Level III students will also experience Repertoire and Pas de deux classes to prepare them adequately for the stage and performances. 

Students under our Founders’ tutelage will be exposed to rigorous and well-paced ballet training that adequately prepares them for international competitions, entry to vocational ballet schools and valuable performance opportunities. With an emphasis on dancer-specific conditioning, both our Founders’ extensive experience in training pre-professional students in world-class dance institutions ensures quality instruction and nurtures dancers with an in-depth understanding of their bodies, strong performance abilities and maturity. 

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Next Audition Opportunity: 28, 29 Jan & 4 Feb 2024 

Audition Fee: $45


Register today to secure an audition slot! 

Interested Candidates:

  1. Kindly fill in the form below to share with us your training background, individual goals, and aspirations. 

  2. Book your slot on Classcard and make payment.

Audition attire: Plain-colored leotards, ballet tights, ballet shoes (pointe shoes are not required)

If you encounter any issues with the form submission, time booking or payment, please reach out to the Ballet Quarter Team at +65 9299 0000 or We will be in touch with you within 2 working days. 

If you are not able to make it for the date and time specified, you may still submit your background & aspirations, indicating that you are unable to make it for this audition opportunity. We will get in touch too! 

Pre-Professional Junior (6 - 8 years) 
Pre-Professional Level I (8-10 years) 
Pre-Professional Level II (11-13 years)
Pre-Professional Level III (14 years & above)

Background & Aspirations

Thanks for signing up! We will be in touch with you within 2 working days.

Pre-Pro Reg
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