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Our Classes

Our Drop-in & Package Prices at a glance.

CLICK on your preferred class type (drop-in/package) to be directed to our booking site.

Adult Intro to Ballet


(4-Month Validity)

(6-Month Validity)

Adult Open Class


(4-Month Validity)

(6-Month Validity)

RAD Exam Syllabus

Primary, Grades 1-5, Vocational

Trial a Class!
Trial Fee: $25-$40


Primary: 6-8 years old

Grades 1 to 5: 7-12 years old

Vocational Grades: 12 years & above

Pre-Pro Programme

By Audition Only


Level I: 8-10 years old

Level II: 11-13 years old

Level III: 14 years & above

Learn more.

Adult Level I


(4-Month Validity)

(6-Month Validity)

Level 1  & Level 2

Drop-In: $28
5-Class Starter Pack: $108
8-Class Package: $208

(6-Week Validity)

(4-month Validity)

Ballet for Tots | Pre-Pri

Non-examinable; For young children

Find out more here.
Trial Fee: $25


Enjoy a Trial Fee Waiver when you enrol & 10% off your child's first uniform set!

Private Coaching

By Appointment Only

Trial a Class!
1-1 Trial Special for first-timers with
: $135/pax
Senior Instructor: $112/pax


Peak Coaching Hours

Weekdays, from 4pm onwards

Weekends, all hours


Weekdays, end time of session before 4pm

Arrangements for 1 Instructor to 1/2/3 students are available. Contact us to find out more.

What Our Students Say

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I enjoy the classes very much. Ms Ginny and Mr Qi are very professional and patient. Studio is spacious and clean. Learning is progressive and safe. Would recommend to anyone who would like to learn ballet.

Angelina Wee, RAD Advanced 1 & Private Coaching Student

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