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RAD Vocational

Suited for Ages


10-18 yrs

11 weeks/term

About the Course

Our RAD Vocational Programmes build on the Graded Programmes with greater intensity and a more in-depth level of training to hone students’ ballet technique and challenge their physical strength and flexibility. With an emphasis on pointework, building advanced ballet vocabulary, performance ability and confidence, students will be prepared to perform repertoire at a more technically-demanding level. Students are also expected to be well-versed in free enchainment, the application of linking movement vocabulary in a short phrase. For students looking to pursue ballet at a professional level, we also offer support for vocational school application. We offer formal RAD certification for each level through annual examinations.

We offer the following levels in the programme:
• Intermediate Foundation
• Intermediate
• Advanced Foundation
• Advanced I
• Advanced II

Students in our RAD Vocational programmes are highly encouraged to perform in both class showcases and year-end performances.

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