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RAD Grade 1 to 5

Suited for Ages


7-12 yrs

11 weeks/term

About the Course

Our RAD Graded Programmes provide a comprehensive pathway for students to progressively advance and refine their classical ballet technique. With an emphasis on building strong ballet technique, physical strength, flexibility, performance skills and a wider movement vocabulary, the syllabus exposes students to a higher level of movement complexity and performative ability at each grade. Consistent attendance of the programme will culminate in improved posture, increased focus and discipline for the young student. We offer formal RAD certification (a globally-recognised qualification) for each grade through annual examinations.

- About the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) -

Founded in 1920 to raise the standards of dance teaching in the UK, the RAD is a world-leading dance, education and training organisation, with dance teachers and students across 85 countries, enriching the world's arts and cultural communities.

- Why RAD? -

The syllabus has been carefully structured to enable students to enjoy a quality learning experience that is fun and safe, allowing them to progress in stages. Students will then be able to enter for exams which offers them an opportunity to perform in front of an examiner, and celebrate their progress. For those planning to study in the UK, some of the RAD exams can be converted into UCAS points.

Students in our RAD Graded programmes are highly encouraged to perform in both class showcases and year-end performances.

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