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About the Course

We offer private coaching taught by our Founders and our team of Private Coaching Instructors, to fully support our students if they wish to take their dancing to a higher level. With their extensive experience in coaching students with a detailed, personalized touch, our private coaching sessions will build our students’ confidence, stage presence and technical ability.

Private Coaching for the purpose of:
- DSA admission prep
- Focused Technique training,
- Competition solo coaching, or
- Entry to vocational schools

Here at Ballet Quarter, we do also offer Private Coaching sessions for Adult students who are keen to improve on their Ballet technique, form and knowledge. Conducted at a pace most suited to each individual, you can expect to experience maximal learning catered to your needs and goals.

Private coaching sessions are arranged via direct contact only. If you would like to learn more about the programme and arrange for a coaching session, drop us an email at OR WhatsApp us at +65 9299 0000.

Get to know our Team via their bios.

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